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Green Interior Design

Pandora Harris has won multiple awards for her work with environmentally friendly interior design.  She specializes in green design and green interior design.  Her approach is all about creating an amazing and stylish look for the interior of your house while using green and environmentally friendly products.

With interior design, people pick a theme for their house or a single room.  Then they and their Interior Designer choose furniture, fabrics, accessories, wall coverings and flooring to match this theme.  

What Is Green Interior Design?

Green design is more about what is good for people, good for the environment, and helpful when saving energy. Style and fashion are still a part of the equation, but products that are chosen are weighted more on an energy benefit scale and green material. Green interior design is about examining all aspects of a building, the theme and the design plan and utilizing green materials, and products that save energy and water. Green design searches for ways to reduce green house gas emissions, and to make an interior of a home free of toxic chemicals and toxins.  As a designer Pandora Harris who specialize in green design strive to use materials that are the most environmentally friendly.

Pandora Harris
Allied ASID Interior Designer
Phone: 928-274-1975

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